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  • My fondest memory with Cheryl Shuman, who always has a smile bright enough to light the room! Brought a few of my award winning edibles to the BBC shoot several years agoAnd of course, Cheryl had some fun with them  LOL

  • REGENERTE by CBDiva - Pharmacognosist Designed Topical Formula that Penetrates Deep Down to go Beyond Pain Relief and Encourage Actual Healing! Enhanced Nanoparticle Formula offers Superior Dermal Absorption and Cell Permeation, increasing Performance and Efficacy. We have had many customer testimonials regarding the substantial efficacy of this product with difficult to treat neuropathic pain, late stage arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia symptomology and more.  True, Deep, Pain Relief..... Plus! 

  • TopsyTerpy by CBDiva - 300mg - Specialty formulations combining 300mg Pure CBD with Natural Isolated Terpenes and other Natural Herbal Compounds to provide an exceptional alternative option for many conditions. These proprietary, pharmacognosist designed formulas are based solely in scientific evidence, and have a proven track record of efficacy for many! CHILL PILL, PANIC BUTTON, RELIEF, PROTECT, STEADY, & REST ... with NeuroGEN coming soon! 100% THC free.

  • Meet NanoPURE - 500mg Nanoparticle CBD suspended in an Omega & EFA Rich, Full Spectrum, Organic Hemp Seed and Coconut Oil. Supreme Bioavailability and Cell Permeation, Enhanced with Natural Terpenes.

  • WELCOME TO CBDIVA. The SCIENCE of CANNABINOIDS.... APPLIED. Pharmacognosist developed formulations utilizing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other proprietary natural components to provide precise, effective, and THC free alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

    Buy NanoPURE and Liposomal UltaPURE CBD online! 100% Organic, Non-GMO, CBD and Terpene Isolate products of the highest quality and efficacy.
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