New Ricki Lake Talk Show Makes Television History with Cheryl Shuman Showcasing Today’s Hottest Legal Cannabis Products

New Ricki Lake Talk Show Makes Television History with Cheryl Shuman Showcasing Today’s Hottest Legal Cannabis Products

New Ricki Lake Talk Show Makes Television History with Cheryl Shuman Showcasing Today’s Hottest Legal Cannabis Products

7 Year Old Leukemia Patient Mykayla Comstock Parents Share Miraculous Cannabis Cure for Cancer with Rapid Fire Marketing Donating 15% of Affiliate Vaporizer Profits for Family’s Needs

Carson City, NV and Los Angeles, CA January 8, 2013 -- Rapid Fire Marketing (Pink Sheets: RFMK), the world’s leading developer and reseller of personal vapor inhalers announced today that Cheryl Shuman, Spokesperson for Rapid Fire Marketing will be featured on the Ricki Lake Show this Thursday, January 10, 2013.
Ricki's tackling what many consider to be one of the most contentious debates in health care today - medical marijuana. Ricki conducts a daytime exclusive interview with Erin Purchase and Brandon Krenzler, parents who have made national headlines with their controversial decision to administer medical marijuana to their 7-year-old daughter Mykayla who is battling an aggressive form of cancer. Joining the conversation is their friend and advocate, Cheryl Shuman, whose own battle with cancer led her to be the most powerful woman in the exploding new $47 billion cannabis industry and Dr. David Bearman, Advisory Board Member of Green Asset Incorporated an expert in the field of Medical Cannabis.
“I was thrilled to receive a phone call from Ricki Lake personally inviting me to appear on the show. When Rick told me that she had been watching my videos and wanted me to bring the latest legal marijuana products to demonstrate on the show ‘Martha Stewart of Marijuana’ style, I realized that the ‘pot com boom’ is now officially mainstream,” exclaimed Cheryl Shuman, Spokesperson for RFMK.
Ricki’s team of producers worked with Shuman to create a well-balanced panel of patients, physicians and medical experts with miraculous cancer cures using marijuana oil, cannabis juice, vaporizers and medicated infused edibles and tinctures with proven cases of life saving treatment.
Erin Purchase, the mother of Mykayla Comstock reached out to Cheryl Shuman through the Phoenix Tears Foundation. Rick Simpson and Dr. Janet Sweeney had personally supervised the cancer treatment program for Cheryl and asked her to help Mykayla’s family navigate the media spotlight. Mykayla and her family are under contract with Cheryl Shuman for inclusion in television, film, speaking, media and book opportunities. Cheryl Shuman is represented by Super Agent Mark Itkin with the legendary William Morris Endeavor Agency in Beverly Hills.
Rapid Fire Marketing’s personal vaporizers are showcased highlighting a more image conscious approach to medicating in public or around people. The new “Haute Vape” line of vaporizers are sleek, sophisticated and elegant something you could easily medicate with in public without raising eyebrows and are legal everywhere e-cigs can be used. Vaporizers are currently estimated to be a $100 million business this year with RFMK and Haute Vape leading the industry.
Mykayla’s mother, Erin Purchase said, “Knowing from personal experience that cancer is financially exhausting, Cheryl Shuman stepped up to the plate in our time of financial need and introduced us to Tom Allinder, CEO of RFMK who has offered 15% of all sales from to our family as a donation. Cheryl has been a guardian angel to us to help us feel secure financially, through all the expensive horrors of Leukemia and Chemotherapy. Not only is Rapid Fire Marketing donating a percentage of sales from our site, they are also bestowing upon our family $ 2,000 worth of vaporizers for us to use for various fundraising drives we have in the future.”
Tom Allinder, CEO of RFMK states, “Our goal is to help the family raise enough money for Mykayla to see her through all of her health care needs as well as to finance a college education when she officially beats cancer permanently to live a long, happy and healthy life.” The compa

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